Massive illegal PDS rice racket busted in Telangana

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: A major illegal network involved in civil supplies operations using the logo and labels of the Telangana State Civil Supplies Corporation was uncovered in a significant bust.

In a joint operation, the Enforcement Task Force (ETF) team of the corporation and the police raided a godown in Pasha Mailaram near Patancheru, Sangareddy, exposing an extensive underground operation.

The network had been engaged in dispatching recycled rice meant for the Public Distribution System (PDS) to the Food Corporation of India (FCI) and the State Warehousing Corporation godowns as fresh custom milled rice from different mills by generating fake e-way bills.

Approximately 750 metric tonnes of PDS rice, illegally stored and transported in seven trucks, were seized during the raid.

It was discovered that the network was cleaning PDS rice collected from various sources, repacking it in new gunny bags, and supplying it back to the PDS system. The operation utilized gunny bags bearing the Telangana Civil Supplies Corporation logo and labels.

The vigilance and enforcement wing of the Civil Supplies Corporation has filed a case against the godown owner in connection with the seizures, and efforts are underway to track down those behind the operation. Cases have also been registered against the drivers of the lorries involved.

In a series of enforcement actions, the civil supplies vigilance and enforcement teams seized 28,610 quintals of PDS rice along with 148 vehicles used for transportation. Additionally, 767 quintals of PDS rice being transported in four trucks were intercepted and seized by the enforcement task force team before crossing the interstate border with Maharashtra at Kaleshwaram.

This operation highlights the ongoing efforts to combat illegal activities in the civil supplies sector and ensure the integrity of the Public Distribution System in Telangana.

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