Medicine stocks for Telangana government hospitals found in illegal godown

Hyderabad: Telangana Drugs Control Administration officials raided an unlicensed godown in Amberpet and seized a significant amount of medicines worth Rs 20.52 lakh on January 18 and 19. Additionally, there were large amounts of ‘Telangana Government Supply Drugs’ that were also confiscated during the raid.

Based on the intelligence gathered, officers of the Drugs Control Administration, Telangana raided a godown located Near Ali Cafe, Azad Nagar. An accused, Mohd. Basheer Ahmed has been operating the godown without a drug licence and carrying out illegal sales of medicines.

The term ‘Government Supply Drugs’ refers to medicines that are exclusively meant for distribution to government hospitals. It is strictly prohibited for any other entity to stock and sell these drugs. If any entity is found to be stocking these drugs without a valid drug license, they will be punishable under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act with imprisonment of up to five years.

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During the raid carried out on January 18 and 19, DCA officials found several cardboard shipper cartons in the godown containing huge quantities of medicines.

Forty varieties of medicines including higher-generation antibiotics, paediatric syrups, anti-ulcer drugs, analgesic drugs, antibiotic injections, antimalaria drugs etc. were found in the godown during the raid.

Labels on medicines in the godown indicated ‘Ashley Pharmatech Pvt. Ltd.’ as the marketer from New Delhi. Details of manufacturers from Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand were also present, alongside large stocks of ‘Telangana Government Supply Drugs’.

‘Government Supply Drugs’ are meant for distribution to government hospitals only and are not to be stocked and sold by any other entity. Stocking of drugs without a licence is punishable under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act with imprisonment up to five years.

During the raid, Mohd. Basheer Ahmed failed to disclose the ‘source of supply’ of the medicine stocks found and also failed to produce the purchase bills regarding the medicine stocks. The accused admitted to supplying medicines to medical shops in Telangana without proper documentation of sales.

DCA officers lifted the samples of ‘suspected spurious/counterfeit drugs’ during the raid for analysis. Further investigation shall be carried out and action shall be taken as per the law against all the offenders.

Drugs Inspector, Goshamahal, V Ajay, gathered intelligence regarding the unlicensed godown at Amberpet and the sale of medicines to medical shops in Hyderabad without sale bills.

DCA Telangana has been constantly on the vigil to detect unlicensed stockings and illegal sale of medicines.