Millet shops at Secunderabad, Begumpet, Hyderabad railway stations

Hyderabad: Secunderabad, Begumpet and Hyderabad railway stations started the sale of millet products under the ‘One Station One Product’ (OSOP) initiative aimed at making them a sales and promotional hub for local products.

OSOP was boosted by the sale of millet across six major stations over the South Central Railway (SCR) zone. These stations will act as a marketing channel in the form of earmarked stalls through which the millet sale will be done.

Startups running OSOP stalls at Secunderabad, Hyderabad and Begumpet railways

Nine Nutz, a millet-based sweets and snacks micro startup runs an OSOP stall at Secunderabad station at platform no. 10.

M for Millets, a micro startup that sells millet chikkis runs an OSOP stall at Begumpet station at platform no 2.

Ancient Foods, a micro startup that runs breakfast mixes and snacks runs an OSOP stall at Hyderabad station.

The millet-based food products are receiving good responses at the there stations while the sales are recorded to be hiking up each day.

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The owners of the startup have also mentioned that the stall has been a boon for them as many people are knowing about their products now.

They are also receiving bulk orders from different places through the outlet.

The general manager of SCR, Arun Kumar Jain, has complimented the Secunderabad Division officials for starting a great initiative of selling millets in OSOP stalls.

He appealed to the rail users to utilize this opportunity as the millet products sold at these stations serve the purpose of being both tasteful and healthy.

He also instructed the officials to encourage for setting up of more OSOP millet stalls at other major stations also.