Modi divided country, says Telangana woman who climbed tower at PM’s rally

Hyderabad: A day after widespread media coverage of how a young woman climbed a light tower in order to ‘speak to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’ during his public rally in Secunderabad on Saturday, she ridiculed the PM for playing ‘divisive politics’.

Speaking to the media later, the girl lashed out at the PM for ‘misguiding the country’.

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The videos of the Prime Minister repeatedly requesting the young woman to come down from the tower were widely shared on social media. “Beta, I will listen to you. Please come down and sit. This is not correct. I came for you people. There is no use doing such things,” PM Modi requested her when she climbed.

The young woman, who was not named in any reports, upon descending from the tower, addressed the media and lashed at the BJP leader. She accused him of misguiding the country and dividing people in the name of religion and caste.

“After Modi came to power, people are being divided and provoked in the name of religion and caste. There are murders and rapes happening every day and the government takes no action. All government sectors are being privatised under the Modi regime, leaving no space for poor people like me,” she told media.

Modi was in the city to address a meeting organised by the Madiga Reservation Porata Samithi (MRPS), a community organisation of Madigas, one of the biggest constituents of Scheduled Castes in Telugu states.