MS Academy students clinch 159 gold medals in NSO

Hyderabad: MS Academy students have showcased their exceptional capabilities by securing an impressive tally of 159 gold medals in the National Science Olympiad (NSO), organized by the esteemed Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF).

Founder & Chairman of MS Education Academy, Mohammed Lateef Khan, extended congratulations to the students who won the gold medals and praised the teachers’ efforts for achieving this milestone.


The NSO, an annual event organized by SOF, serves as a platform to evaluate the natural aptitudes and science abilities of students from the first to the 12th grade. It is aligned with the National Education Policy (NEP).

Out of 975 students who participated in the NSO from various branches, an outstanding 159 MSians emerged victorious with gold medals, showcasing their analytical, calculative, arithmetic, and problem-solving prowess.

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MS Academy students qualified for Level 2 examination

Furthermore, 16 MS students from Class III to Class X have qualified for the next stage, the Level 2 examinations.

The following MS Creative School students have earned the distinction:

  1. Ashiya Khatoon
  2. Manha Rinaaz
  3. Sumaiya Fatima
  4. Umamah Erum
  5. Amtur Raheem
  6. Madeha Khan
  7. Md. Saad Yazdani
  8. Imad Ali
  9. Abdul Muqeet Mohammed
  10. Umama Zamaan
  11. Zahra Abdul Gaffar
  12. Simrah Ahmed
  13. Fathima Daariya
  14. Lodhi Asma Fatima Khan
  15. Aleena Fatima
  16. Afifah Fatima

At MS, teachers go beyond conventional education, nurturing students to develop their thinking and learning skills, enhancing their aptitude, and instilling in them the qualities of world-worthy citizens.