‘Muslims ignored’: Owaisi highlights recent attacks in LS speech

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The Bharatiya Janata Party has always thrived on violence and hate cultivated against Muslims, AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi said in the Parliament on Tuesday. During his ‘Motion of Thanks to President’s Address’ speech, Owaisi highlighted recent mob lynching, demolition of Muslim-owned houses, and attempt to bury Muslim representation.

Muslims constantly ignored

Referring to PM Modi’s Banswara election rally speech where the Prime Minister termed Muslims as ‘infiltrators’ and ‘those who produce more children’, Owaisi said that Muslims are often spoken about and discussed but are never given their due and respect.

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Referring to the Consitution, Owaisi said, “Our founding fathers had explicitly said that it is the duty of the majority to ensure that the minorities are elected in a representative manner.”

“The Bharatiya Janata Party has always thrived on violence and hate cultivated against Muslims. Their doors are always closed for us,” he said. It should be noted that PM Modi’s council of ministers has not a single Muslim representative.

“Bowing to the Consitution is not enough. Our founding fathers had said that every person regardless of caste, creed and religion should be duly represented and their views and thoughts be heard in the Parliament and otherwise,” Owaisi said amidst roar of dissent by ruling NDA (National Democratic Alliance) members.

BJP wants me to disappear

While expressing concern about the dwindling number of MPs in the Indian Parliament, Owaisi attacked the ruling party on trying to snatch the 4% reservation from Muslims.

“Is my identity to just caste vote and sleep on my grave? Is this social justice that only 4% of Muslims win and come,” hepointed out.

Alleging that the number of OBC (Other Backward Class) reprsentatives is now at par with upper caste in the Parliament, Owaisi said, “In this House (Lok Sabha), the number of OBC MPs is equal to the number of upper caste MPs… And out of 14% Muslims, only 4% win.”

Recent attacks on Muslims

Owaisi mentioned the recent attacks and bulldozer action on Muslims and their houses. “Since June 4, there have been 6 reported cases of mob lynchings. Recently, 11 Muslim families lost their houses to bulldozer culture under the pretext of ‘living on encroached land’. Is my identity just to vote?” the AIMIM leader asked.

Muslim mob lynching has increased sharply. A week ago, a Muslim man was lynched to death in Madhya Pradesh’s Aligarh district under the suspicion of being a thief. On June 30, an Imam was killed by an angry mob who alleged he attacked a Hindu woman.

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On unemployment, Owaisi said that Indians are being used as ‘cannon fodder’ by sending them to Israel.

Israel has been engaged in a military operation against Hamas resulting in constant bombardment leading to many Palestinian civilian deaths, including women and children.

“The unemployment issue is so grave in this country that young Indians have to seek job opportunities in Russia putting their lives in grave danger,” he said, reminding of two Muslim deaths that took place.

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Paper leaks

Owaisi raised the recent paper leaks and irregularities in the central examinations and how it is impacting aspirants.

“In the last five years of Modi regime, 75 lakh aspirants’s future in hanging by a thread while six paper leaks have been so far reported,” he said.

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