Muslims use condoms the most: Owaisi targets Modi on ‘children’ remark

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Hyderabad: Targeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his “…those who have more children” remarks during a recent election rally in Rajasthan, AIMIM Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi on Friday, April 26, stated that men of the Muslim community use condoms the most and also have the best record in child spacing.

“Modi is saying that Muslims make more children. Narendra Modi has six brothers. Amit Shah has six sisters and the RSS chief had some 10-12 sisters and brothers,” he remarked, adding that the fertility rate of Muslims is on a downward trend as per Centre’s data.

“The fertility rate of Muslims is falling…But Narendra Modi is indulging in hate-mongering to create fear in our Hindu brothers. Muslims will never be a majority in this country. Narendra Modi, how long will you continue on this fear of Muslims?” Owaisi asked, in a Lok Sabha election rally held on Friday, April 26.

He also slammed the Prime Minister for his “infiltrators” remark.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi called 17 crore Indian Muslims as Ghuspetiya (infiltrators). Are you Ghuspetiya?” he asked the crowd, adding further that “hate towards Dalits and Muslims is PM Modi’s only guarantee.”

Earlier, he slammed Hyderabad BJP LS candidate Madhavi Latha for her “arrow’ gesture allegedly made towards a mosque in the Old City. “It is not an arrow at a mosque but is a targetted attempt to destroy peace in the city,” he remarked.

The Hyderabad sitting MP urged voters of Hyderabad to brave the summer heatwave and cast their votes.

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PM Modi’s remarks

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during a campaign rally in Rajasthan, made controversial remarks where he equated Muslims in India to “infiltrators” and insinuated that the opposition party would distribute the nation’s wealth to those with more children.

He also cited former PM Manmohan Singh’s remark that the minority community had the first claim on the country’s resources.

These comments have been widely criticized as Islamophobic and divisive, with opposition leaders and rights groups condemning Modi’s speech for perpetuating harmful stereotypes against the Muslim community. Modi’s statements have sparked outrage both domestically and internationally, with concerns raised about the potential incitement of violence against Muslims.

Telangana is going to the ballot on May 13, as per the schedule released by the Election Commission of India (ECI).

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