Mylaram caves: Hyderabad Climbers explores ideal rock climbing spot

A team of four explorers from Hyderabad Climbers ventured into the naturally-formed Mylaram caves near Mylaram village in Bhupalpally district recently.

Dr Renuka, a member of the expedition along with other members Yuvaraj V, Narendra D and Kaushik M commented on the excellent quality of the rocks and highlighted the site’s potential for becoming a prime location for rock climbing activities.

She mentioned that they were actively surveying various spots to evaluate their suitability for hosting climbing events and to encourage adventurous pursuits.

Mylaram caves

Mylaram Caves, 50 km from Warangal, are home to a wealth of prehistoric stalactite and stalagmite structures that researchers have discovered. The Mylaram guttalu, which is situated in a north-south orientation, is a recent addition to Telangana’s rich history. There are at least ten of these caverns, which resemble the Belum and Borra caves. The fact that there are several caverns, rock art sites, temples, and lakes within a 10-kilometer radius means that they are presumed to have the potential to be developed as a little tourism circuit.

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State archaeological consultant SS Rangacharyulu told Telangana 360, “The caves are situated within the hillocks. One must ascend and access the caves through a remarkably narrow passage, descending at least 20 feet to the cave surface. Currently, we have identified 10 caves within two hill ranges, spanning 5–10 meters, rendering them the longest extant caves in both Telugu States.”

Rangacharyulu further noted, “The caves comprise numerous chambers, passages, and diverse formations resembling various living and non-living entities. Due to darkness and the presence of thousands of bats and bees, thorough exploration of the caves has been challenging.”

He added, “These caves hold significance from geological and historical perspectives. Additionally, there exists a dilapidated stone fortified wall connected to the caves.”