Nala development work should be completed immediately: GHMC commissioner

Hyderabad: GHMC Commissioner Ronald Rose has directed the officials to complete the various works undertaken in Caravan Circle without any inconvenience to the people. On Thursday, January 18, the commissioner toured many areas of the circle along with Karwan constituency MLA Kausar Mohinuddin. On this occasion, Karwan MLA explained to the commissioner about many problems.

SNDP works were inspected in Nadeem Colony and Shah Hatim Colony. Orders were issued to complete the development of Salar Bridge Junction, the Military Boundary Sewerage Pipe Line, and proposals for road construction in Salar Jung Colony. Jiyaguda Slaughterhouse was inspected.

On this occasion, officials were instructed to visit Aditya Nagar Park, Hakim Pate, Salar Bridge, Tolichouki, Salar Jung Colony, Banjaru Darwaja, Nanal Nagar, and Jiyaguda Colonies within the Caravan Circle, inspect the sanitation, storm water drainage, and NALA works, and solve the problems on the spot. The officials were directed to take up the road maintenance work.

Along with the commissioner, ENC Zia Uddin, Zonal Commissioner Venkatesh Dotre, SNDPS SE Kishan, SEs Ratnakar, Bhaskar Reddy, Deputy Commissioner Shashirekha, and others were present.