Need for urgent steps to save Mir Alam Tank from illegal encroachments

Hyderabad: The State Government had announced plans to set up a cable bridge on Mir Alam tank as part of the state government’s plan to take steps for the development of the old city.

This is not the first time the state government had announced such plans with regard to the Mir Alam tank. In the past, the Department of Municipal Administration had announced plans to launch boating in Mir Alam tank.

The Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority too had announced an underwater aquarium at Alam tank which has been shelved later on.

Similarly, the GHMC had announced plans to construct a necklace Road around Mir Alam tank to develop it as a tourist spot. The Principal Secretary of Municipal Administration Arvind Kumar had even issued directives for the completion of all the development projects before the end of the current year. But nothing has been done so far.

In spite of many representations by the people’s representatives to end the illegal encroachment of the Mir Alam tank, no action has been taken by the state government.

An effort is being made to reclaim the land of Mir Alam tank by dumping the construction waste. Due to this dumping, the water of the tank is spilling into Nehru Zoological’s Safari park.

It is high time the state authorities take immediate steps to save the area around Mir Alam tank.

If the plan to set up a cable bridge at Mir Alam tank is implemented the real estate prices in the area is likely to increase and hence there is an urgent need to save this city water body and the area around it illegal encroachments.