Night curfew likely to hit haleem sale in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Haleem business in Hyderabad is likely to get affected once again as Government of Telangana has imposed night curfew amid second wave of COVID-19 pandemic.

In order to reduce the impact of curfew on sales, some of the restaurants are planning to start selling the delicious dish at 1 p.m. Still, the sales are likely to be impacted as many persons visit the restaurants only after iftar.

Meanwhile, some of the restaurant owners are expecting a rise in parcels and online orders.

It may be mentioned the business is already affected due to a fall in demand for the delicacy from the IT corridor as the companies are still following the ‘work from home’ model.

Haleem business in Hyderabad

It may be mentioned that usually, around two thousand restaurants set up haleem outlets in Hyderabad. It is not only a business but also a source of employment for many residents in Hyderabad.

Due to the business, the number of orders on food delivery apps such as swiggy, zomato etc increases. The rise in orders increases the income of delivery boys too.