No 2BHK allocated in Rangareddy district in seven years, reveals RTI

Hyderabad: An RTI reply revealed that since the launch of the Dignity Housing Scheme in Telangana, not a single 2BHK has been allocated to the beneficiary.

Out of 210048 applications received so far since the launch of the scheme, the maximum applications i.e., 57298 were received in 2018-19.

The reply mentioned land and sand issues as the reasons for the delay of the project. It also mentioned the total budget sanctioned for 2BHK units. As of June 8, 2022, the government had sectioned Rs. 113.24 crore for the scheme.  

Telangana’s 2BHK scheme

The scheme which is also known as the Double Bedroom Housing scheme aims to make Hyderabad slum-free by providing free-of-cost housing to poor people.

The houses are allotted to the beneficiaries who have to apply online through Mee Seva. The selected beneficiaries not only get the house but registration is also done in their names by the government.

In order to construct the 2BHK houses, government lands are utilized.