No mother must lose her child to war: Kavitha on Gaza crisis

Hyderabad: Expressing concern over the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza, Palestine, BRS MLC Kavitha hoped for a peaceful solution to the tragic situation.

Stating that the first casualty of any war are the women and children, Kavitha wished that no mother face a situation where she had to lose her child, especially to the war.

“I am deeply saddened by the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Gaza,” wrote Kavitha on X.

Bombing by the Israeli forces has intensified since Friday, October 27. Northern Gaza is being razed to the ground, while the entire strip is being hit and civilians have no place to take shelter.

Amid world leaders’ feeble efforts to prevent more deaths in Gaza and allow desperately needed humanitarian supplies, calls for an immediate ceasefire by netizens resonated on social media.

However, the General Assembly of the United Nations overwhelmingly adopted a non-binding resolution calling for a Gaza ceasefire. The resolution introduced by Jordon garnered 120 votes in favour, with 14 against, and 45 abstentions.

Meanwhile, the internet and phone services were gradually being restored in the Gaza Strip on Sunday, October 29, after a complete interruption of service that lasted approximately 36 hours.

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Israel-Hamas war: Internet, phone services gradually being restored in Gaza

Gaza parents giving salty water to children

As Gaza faces a shortage of essentials, people were forced to give salty water to their kids, UN children aid agency UNICEF said.

People were being killed and forcibly displaced from their homes while water and fuel were running low. Videos of people drinking sewage water have also surfaced with atrocity on a scale never seen before in Gaza.

On Sunday, more than 30 aid trucks entered Gaza, the largest humanitarian aid convoy to the territory since limited deliveries were allowed, the UN said.

Israel-Hamas war

The war began on October 7 after Hamas infiltrated southern Israel, sending fighters, firing 5,000 rockets, and taking hostages, which prompted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to warn of “a long and difficult war.“

In Gaza alone, 8,005 Palestinians have been killed, including 3,500 children and 20,242 citizens wounded due to Israeli attacks.

On the Israeli side, at least 1,405 people have been killed, including 306 soldiers, 5,431 injured and more than 220 hostages captured.

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