No. of dengue cases in Hyderabad increase 10 times in August

Hyderabad: Health authorities in Telangana are on high alert as the state has witnessed a significant surge in dengue cases. In August, Hyderabad alone reported 1,171 dengue cases, a substantial increase compared to the previous month when there were only 164 reported cases. From January to the end of August, Telangana recorded a total of 2,972 dengue cases. This is a sharp rise from the 961 cases reported up until the end of July. The majority of these cases, a total of 1,562, were concentrated in the Greater Hyderabad region.

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State health department officials have deployed teams to identify and assist individuals with fever symptoms indicative of dengue. Hospitals are gearing up to handle rainy season-related illnesses, and the situation is currently being managed without alarm, according to a senior health department official. “It is common to witness a surge in dengue cases during monsoon. As a protocol all hospitals gear up to meet rainy season related rains. Situation is not alarming,” said a senior official of the health department.

Preventive measures

Health officials have collaborated with the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) to implement fogging and anti-larvae operations in affected areas. Preventing mosquito bites through measures like wearing long-sleeved clothing, using mosquito repellents, and maintaining cleanliness in and around the home is essential.

It is advised to avoid self-medication and seek medical attention from the nearest healthcare facility, whether government or private, if dengue symptoms are suspected. Early diagnosis and proper medical care can significantly improve outcomes for dengue patients.

Cases reported over the years

Year Number of cases in Telangana Number of deaths
2018 4,592 2
2019 13,331 7
2020 2,173 0
2021 7,135
2022 8,972
2023 (till August) 2,972
Source: National Centre for Vector Borne Diseases Control, Government of India

Dengue is predominantly reported in urban areas. Frequent rainfall leading to water stagnation in various locations such as roads and construction sites is the primary reason for dengue’s spread in Hyderabad. Dengue mosquitoes can continue to lay eggs in standing water, creating a recurring cycle. Thorough cleaning, scrubbing, and fumigation of premises are crucial after a family member is infected.