No vigil on COVID-19 patients in King Koti Hospital due to staff shortage

Hyderabad: The COVID-19 patients under treatment in King Koti Hospital are freely going out for tea or breakfast and this reckless action may cause the spread of the virus.

At a time when the second wave of Corona is playing havoc and new cases are increasing day by day, the reckless actions of the Covid-19 patients in King Koti Hospital may lead to further spike in the pandemic.

Clearly, there is lack of vigil on patients’ movement in the hospital which is leading to their reckless actions.

There are 350 beds in King Koti Hospital out of which 50 are for ICU and 33 for ventilators. There must be a doctor for every five ICU beds. But there is a shortage of doctors in this hospital due to which gross violations are being witnessed.

The total strength of the hospital is 28 including the Hospital’s superintendent, additional superintendent, nodal officer, senior and junior doctors and those doctors on deputation.

These doctors are responsible for RT-PCR tests and vaccination due to which they are not performing their ICU duties properly.

Similarly, there is shortage of nurses, ward boys and IVth grade employees which is also leading to lack of vigilance on patients’ movement who are going out at will for tea, coffee or snack.

“In one case”, Superintendent of King Koti Hospital Rajinder Nath said, “a Covid-19 patient left the hospital premises at 7 am and return to the hospital in the night. His case was reported in Narayan Guda Police station. After this incident, security has been tightened.”