Not afraid of bullets, jail: Raja Singh just before his arrest

Hyderabad: Suspended Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Thursday said that the happenings in the city are a marker of a “Dharm Yuddh,” (war of religions) and those who disrespect Hindu Gods will be answered to in “a language they understand.”

In a video posted to his social media, Raja Singh said, “I have come to know that I will be arrested again today or early morning tomorrow, on old charges. The matter has now irked the chief minister’s ego, and he has come to the conclusion that I have to be jailed however possible.”

He then said that he doesn’t fear bullets, hanging or jail. “It is a dharm yuddh. We will not tolerate any insult to our god. And to those who disrespect our God, not just Raja Singh, but every Hindu in the country will answer every enemy in a language they understand.”

“I hope that every Hindu will support me as always in this religious war,” he said in the caption.

A short while after Raja Singh posted the video, police arrested him from his residence. Multiple cases were filed against him in the last three days, especially for making remarks against Prophet Muhammad in a Youtube video, leading to massive protests from Muslims across the city of Hyderabad.