Nothing wrong if Hyderabad renamed as Bhagyanagar: BJP LS candidate

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Hyderabad: Kompella Madhavi Latha, a BJP candidate who will contest the upcoming LS polls from the Hyderabad seat, claimed that Hyderabad had always been named ‘Bhagyanagar’.

In an interview with News 18, Latha appealed to the people to give her a chance, saying, “Nothing can go wrong if Hyderabad is renamed Bhagyanagar. We should also get a chance. Kabhi toh mauka dijiye (Give us a chance too).”

Throwing an open challenge to the four-time Hyderabad MP, Asaduddin Owaisi, the BJP candidate said that she will make a dent in a constituency where Muslim voters call the shots.

She said, referring to Owaisi, “Bhaiya ab bhaari humari hai. 40 saal de diya (Brother, it is our turn now. We gave you 40 years.”

When asked how she being a believer in Sanatan intended to make it work in a constituency where the majority of voters are Muslims, She replied, “Sanatan Dharma tells us to understand the pain of people without discrimination. Dharma fights injustice. I don’t see any difference between Hindus and Muslims when it comes to solving their pain. Muslims need justice.”

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“I have been working for women, orphans, and Pasmanda Muslims. I’m not seen as an outsider,” she claimed.

Further, the interviewee asked whether the BJP has always focused on narratives like Rohingyas, surgical strikes, and demolishing masjids, as Owaisi claims.

She said, “When you talk about Rohingya Muslims, they don’t belong to this country. Why should we share our Muslims’ rights with them? Do you think our Muslims get equal rights in other countries? They don’t. We are not against Muslims. We want their upliftment by standing up to those who have been using them as a vote bank.”

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