Numaish stalls are back in Hyderabad, but there’s a twist

Hyderabadis and their love for shopping and exploring new things is known to all. Enthusiastic response to various expos and exhibitions that take place across the city proves the fact. Whenever a new expo is announced, people throng in huge numbers to get their hands on their favourite products and enjoy the festive atmosphere.

Hyderabad’s popular Numaish 2023 got concluded on February 15 but its fever among shopaholics is still on. People continue to reminisce about the incredible products, food, and cultural experiences they enjoyed during the event. Missing that shopping? Worry not, there’s still a chance to get your hands on some fantastic products!

From March 1st to 6th, a mini-exhibition is being held at the Minar Garden near Salarjung Museum in Hyderabad, featuring some of the popular Numaish stalls — from Kashmiri to Lucknowi. This 6-day expo is also an excellent opportunity for those who couldn’t attend the full exhibition to explore and purchase unique products from other cities in India.

Missed Numaish 2023 in Hyderabad? Head to this place to get your fix!”

“Shopaholics rejoice: You can still get your hands on Numaish products in Hyderabad”

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