Officials, standing counsels responsible for Telangana Wakf Board properties destruction

Hyderabad: The Telangana Wakf Board officials and standing counsels are responsible for the destruction of the Wakf Board properties. These properties were lost due to the infective representation in the courts which led to the decisions going in favor of the encroachers.

Recently, Wakf Tribunal has given a ruling in favor of the illegal occupiers in a case in Jagdalpur Mandal due to the negligence and infective representation of the case. Regretfully no appeal has been filed in the High Court against this rolling so far.

 This case is pertaining to Ali Razapeth of Jagdalpur Mandal bearing survey number 72/3 and 82 and the land administering 1.22 acres belonging to Ashur khana details of which is given in gazette number 46A dated December 22, 2001 page number 79 under serial number 19349.  This land contains Ashur khana and a mosque.

The Wakf Board issued a notice to the encroachers on December 12, 2018, under section 54 terming them as illegal occupiers and ordering them to visit with the documents within 15 days.

Instead of visiting the Wakf Board, the encroachers approached the Wakf Tribunal where the Wakf Board legal section has not given clear instructions to the standing counsels due to which the work Tribunal has given its ruling  on March 24 2022 in favor of the occupiers.

It is stated in the ruling that no interference shall be made with regard to 31 gunta lands under survey number 88.

After this ruling the illegal occupiers with the help of anti-social elements not only  attacked the houses on the lands on May 23 but also vandalized the mosque.

 The villagers reported the matter to the police and even in the presence of an ACP rank officials these Anti Social elements attacked the mosque.  Jagdevpur police station filed an FIR against the attackers.

It is being said that Wakf Board lost its prime lands due to the Nexus between the occupiers and the legal section and standing counsels of the Wakf Board.

No Appeal has been filed in the High Court against the Tribunal ruling.  The local villagers allege that the Wakf Board officials have no interest in safeguarding the Wakf properties and they are getting favours from the occupiers and deliberately weakening the property cases. 

These local peoples are seeking action against the corrupt Wakf Board officials and lawyers, asking for the appointment of new lawyers and seeking an immediate stay on the  Tribunal Court ruling in High Court.