Old City murders: Hyderabad police take up ‘disarming operation’

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Hyderabad: With a sharp rise in bodily offences such as murder and attempts to murder, the Hyderabad police took up a major ‘disarming operation’ in the city to seize weapons from people carrying it illegally.

As part of the ‘disarming operation’, Hyderabad police commissioner K Sreenivasa Reddy instructed police officials to conduct vehicle checking and physical frisking operations in the city. The physical frisking operations are being conducted in hotels, eateries, main roads, lanes and bylanes by police with an aim to drive a message in the people.

“We have reports of youngsters roaming on the roads carrying daggers and paper cutting knives. To prevent them from loitering using deadly weapons we are conducting a disarming exercise,” said Sneha Mehra, deputy commissioner of police (DCP) South Zone.

The Hyderabad police during late night ‘Chabutra Mission’ are thoroughly frisking people moving in lanes to avoid police checking. The men found sitting in the localities in late night hours are subjected to physical frisking.

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“When a person carries a knife or dagger, psychologically one presumes himself to be powerful and can threaten or attack anyone. So disarming is very important to maintain law and order in the city,” said B Yadagiri Swamy, Falaknuma ACP.

The disarming exercise by the Hyderabad police will continue in the city for next few weeks until some semblance returns. The special teams are also focusing on the people who are selling daggers and swords promoting the weapon as fancy items. Two teams have gone to Karnataka and Maharashtra to check the main people who are supplying arms to some youngsters in Hyderabad who are reselling it to earn money.

The Hyderabad police has been on high alert, especially in the Old City, due to a spate of brazen murders that have taken place over the last month or so.

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