Old Jail Khana in Secunderabad to be restored by MA&UD

Hyderabad: The Municipal Administration and Urban Development (MA&UD) department has decided to restore the Old Jail Khana in Secunderabad to its former splendour. According to authorities, restoration work will be undertaken in order to preserve the historical value of this landmark structure.

The Old Jail Khana, erected in 1826 with monolithic granites and limestone, was used by British overlords to jail people involved in the independence movement. Later, the Andhra Pradesh government converted this structure into a commercial complex and passed it over to the Urban Local Body (ULB).

During Secunderabad’s 200th anniversary celebrations in 2006, the Old Jail Khana was designated a historic building. This building now houses roughly 62 stores, including those selling handloom clothes, school uniforms and household furnishings such as curtains, bed sheets and pillows.

The business owners and members of the Old Jail Khana Tenants Association welcomed the government’s decision to rehabilitate the structure.

The vendors want the authorities to begin repair work here as soon as possible. Sundeep stated that the Bansilalpet Stepwell and Moazzam Jahi Market had been repaired while ensuring that the traders there were not inconvenienced.