Omicron scare: Work from home in IT companies likely to continue

Hyderabad: A communique of the Central Government’s Home Ministry directed all the states of the country to ensure the continuation of work from the home culture in IT companies.

The guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home advised the states to facilitate work from home as far as possible in order to control the situation arising due to the spread of the Omicron variant.

In view of the decrease in the number of coronavirus patients, most of the states have permitted IT companies to work from their offices.

The Department of Information and Technology in Telangana had also encouraged IT companies to commence work from offices. In the wake of Omicron’s fast spread in the country, the Central government’s Ministry of Home advised the Chief secretaries not to end the work from home culture. On the contrary, the communique advised them to encourage it.

In the wake of the latest guidelines issued by the home ministry, the companies will be given the choice to either work from their offices or continue work from their homes.

According to the State Governments, work from home culture is adversely impacting the government’s incomes. due to nonconsumption of electricity and nonuse of transportation by IT employees which is leading to a decrease in fuel sales.