One-year-old child dies in stray dog attack in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: One more child became the victim of a stray dog attack in Hyderabad. The incident occurred on Wednesday night when a one-year-old child was mauled to death by stray dogs.

The incident took place in Shamshabad while the father and other family members were asleep in their hut.

It came to light when a man noticed the dead body of the child surrounded by six dogs.

Following the incident, the boy’s father lodged a complaint with the police.

Earlier incidents

Last month, stray dogs attacked a boy in Hyderabad, leaving him injured. The incident occurred in Manikonda Srinivasa Nagar Colony, where an aggressive stray dog attacked the boy while he and his mother were leaving a store.

Despite his mother’s desperate attempts to rescue the boy, the dog persisted and also attacked the woman. They were only rescued when bystanders intervened.

In a separate incident that took place in December, a boy suffered serious injuries in Dilsukhnagar due to a stray dog attack.

Despite previous instances of stray dog attacks in the city and other districts of Telangana, such incidents persist.

Urgent need to prevent stray dog attacks in Hyderabad

These unfortunate incidents underscore the urgency of immediate action to address the issue of stray dog attacks in Telangana.

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Given the persistence of stray dog attacks, the government and relevant authorities must take swift measures to prevent such incidents in the future.