Opinion: Educational reforms are the need of the hour

Hyderabad: Education reforms have become the need of the hour and with the change in the education system of India must be equipped with the contemporary education system of the world. Otherwise, High school graduates in developed countries will far surpass Indian students in technical studies and competition in the next few years which will be difficult for Indian students.

The Covid-19 pandemic brought up online education system, it is being observed that students are getting equipped with technical sciences, however, in the developed countries, students are now being taught ‘data science’ along with social studies, biological science and physical science and it is being said that the future will be an era of data science and cyber security, which should not only be made known to the students, but according to the sources, the central government is planning to enlighten the ninth and tenth graders about government security. According to sources, In the next two years, steps will be taken to provide cyber security education to students in addition to computer science in high school.

There are various reasons why the central government has included cyber security in the curriculum, to ensure data protection and to acquaint students with modern technology.

If data science is included in syllabus in schools and educational institutions, students can become experts in this field.