Oxford Dictionary becomes cover to smuggle drugs in Hyderabad

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: The Chatrinaka police recently apprehended a drug peddler who was using a fake Oxford English pocket dictionary to smuggle drugs.

The peddler, identified as Goswami Ashish Gir, was found with 6.25 grams of ganja and 18.75 grams of MDMA hidden inside the dictionary.

This unique smuggling method involved disguising the drugs as part of the dictionary, making it appear inconspicuous to the layman.

The Hyderabad police also discovered a four-wheeler and a notebook containing information about drug peddlers and consumers in the possession of the peddler.

Goswami Ashish Gir, a 24-year-old employed at a garment shop, had previous involvement in drug-related cases and had connections with other peddlers.

Despite the arrest of Gir, two other peddlers, Milan Debnath and Sayyed SK, are currently on the run. The police are actively investigating the case to uncover further details about this drug smuggling operation.

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