Pahadishareef to Hyderabad-Srisailam Highway riddled with potholes

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: The Errakunta junction on Pahadishareef Road, known as Srisailam Highway continues to be riddled with potholes posing problems for motorists regularly.

The road length measuring half a kilometre remains damaged for almost a year. In the rainy season, the problem is more due to the stagnation of water for days at a stretch here.

Abdullah, a local businessman complains, that the road falls on the Srisailam Highway and one of the service roads toward the RGI Airport is riddled with big potholes and craters. “Commuting through the road remains a painful experience for road users for months. Sometimes, two-wheel riders lose balance and fall,” he told

Local people attribute many road accidents to bad roads. “Every fortnight, one fatal road accident occurs at the spot. Due to road conditions, two-wheelers don’t maintain one speed and heavy vehicles tailing the motorcycle knock down the bike leading to death or serious injuries to the victim,” said Shamshuddin, a shopkeeper.

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The absence of street lights compounds the problem for motorists at night. “The potholes are not properly visible at night and many people fall from motorcycles and get injured. Damage to the engines of vehicles is a regular problem due to big craters on the road surface,” said an auto driver Razaq.

People complain that good-quality shock absorbers fail to absorb the effect of landing in big craters. “I developed back pains due to regularly driving through the uneven road surface. At least now the government should wake up and take up restoration and repair works,” complained a senior citizen.

When contacted an official of Jalpally municipality said the tenders were called for the laying of the road and soon the works will begin.

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