Peg markings for Hyderabad Airport Metro rail line begins

Hyderabad: The survey for the Airport Metro rail line has been completed and peg marking of its alignment on the ground has started for the same said Hyderabad Airport Metro Limited (HAML) managing director NVS Reddy on Tuesday.

Apart from the traditional engineering peg marks on the road, aluminium boards with retro reflective sheet for night time visibility are also being embedded in the central median etc., indicating the chainage i.e., distance of that particular point from the starting point of Airport Metro, said a press release from HAML.

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Hyderabad: Fabrication odds in Airport Metro rail to be rectified

A week ago, Hyderabad Airport Metro Limited (HAML) officials along with the engineers inspected the technical challenges prevailing in the critical stretch of Airport Metro ought to run between Raidurg station to Nanakramguda.

According to the HAML, smaller size boards are being placed at every 100 meters as 0.1 kilometres and 0.2 kilometres etc. These are slightly bigger boards, that are being kept at every half a kilometre. The boards are placed in the central median from Raidurg to Biodiversity junction and from IT Towers on Khajaguda road to Nanakramguda junction where the central median is available.

From Nanakramguda junction to TSPA (APPA) junction, the boards they are being fixed on the footpath side as the service road on the city side of ORR is under expansion and as of now there is no central median in this stretch, said HAML.

“However, Airport metro pillars will be located in the central median of the expanded service road between Nanakramguda junction and TSPA jn along the ORR,” stated NVS Reddy, in a press release.