Petrol, diesel prices hiked in Hyderabad, other cities on Nov 1

Hyderabad: Indian cities including Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai are experiencing a continuous rise in petrol and diesel prices. In Hyderabad, many people have switched to pooling or public transport in order to reduce their travel expenses.

On Monday, the petrol and diesel in Hyderabad are sold at Rs. 114.12 per liter and Rs. 107.40 per liter respectively. The hike in fuel prices has led to a demand for better connectivity of public transport.

In Delhi, petrol and diesel prices stood at Rs 109.69 per liter with a hike of 35 paise and Rs. 98.42 with a hike of 35 paise respectively. Mumbai reported a hike of 35 paise on petrol and the latest cost is Rs 115.50, while there was a hike of 39 paise in diesel prices, which now stands at Rs 106.62 per liter.

Similarly, Chennai reported a hike of 31 paise in petrol price, which now costs Rs 106.35, while diesel has been hiked by 34 paise and its current cost is Rs 102.59.

It is to be noted that India is an importer of fuel, hence the country’s fuel prices fluctuate according to the changes in the crude oil prices.