Photos: Secunderabad railway station post-Agnipath protests

By Siddhant Thakur

Hyderabad: As the protests against the Agnipath scheme continue across India, the protestors are drawing flack for damaging public property. In the protest against the Union government scheme at Secunderabad railway station, trains were burnt even as protestors and police officials clashed with one another.

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Below are photos from the aftermath of Agnipath protests in Hyderabad:

Smashed windows of the East Coast express. (Photo: Siddhant Thakur/
A firefighter averts his gaze as smoke emerges from the train. (Photo: Siddhant Thakur/
Broken, abandoned eggshells destroyed during the altercation. (Photo: Siddhant Thakur/
Damaged railway utilities in front of the train engine. (Photo: Siddhant Thakur/
Window of a 3 tier AC bogey that was destroyed. (Photo: Siddhant Thakur/
Shards of scattered glass on seats of a 3AC bogey (Photo: Siddhant Thakur/
Broken windows, empty platforms. (Photo: Siddhant Thakur/
A sleeper coach post the fire; now unidentifiable. (Photo: Siddhant Thakur/
The insides of a now unrecognisable train, charred to bits. (Photo: Siddhant Thakur/
Inside a burnt sleeper coach: Debris rust and heaps of ash. (Photo: Siddhant Thakur/