Planning to study in America? Know what Hyderabad students in US say

Hyderabad: Following the recent deaths of Indians in the US, many students, including those from Hyderabad, are confused about pursuing their study in America dream.

Apart from that, students are bewildered by the slowdown in the job market in the US, along with the rise in tuition fees over the last few years.

What do Hyderabad students in the US say?

Hyderabad students studying in US colleges believe that those planning to study in the US need to consider it not only from a safety perspective but also from a financial perspective.

According to a student from Hyderabad, there are uncertainties with the H1B lottery. He also mentioned that finding a job after studies has become difficult due to the slowdown in the job market. Even if they find a job, the wages are low, he added.

Another student stated that gone are the days when landing in the US was more than enough for a brighter future. Struggling starts after landing in the US, he added.

He further advised against taking a loan for studying in the US, as betting everything on a Master’s in the US can be a risky option.

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Alternative to studying in the US

Most Hyderabad students aspiring for higher education abroad choose one of the following five destinations:

  1. US
  2. Canada
  3. Australia
  4. UK
  5. Germany

As the US becomes more expensive, students are considering other countries on the list for their higher studies, especially after the recent deaths of students in the US.