Plastic found in biryani of popular Hyderabad restaurant

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Hyderabad: A customer filed an online complaint on X after he found a deep-fried plastic cover in the biryani he ordered from the Manikonda outlet of Mehfil restaurants in Hyderabad. The plastic cover episode is a recent addition to the questionable hygiene standards of the popular food chain.

The incident occurred just two days after another customer shared his experience of finding a safety pin in the biryani ordered from the same restaurant in Hyderabad. Earlier, in a different case, an X user had reported finding bugs in Mehfil’s biriyani from the Kukatpally area branch.

Zelani S, the X user, expressed his anguish over the incident by posting a video of the plastic cover he received from the biryani. The user tagged the official handle of the Telangana Commissioner of Food Safety, inviting action.

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Safety pin found in biryani of popular restaurant in Hyderabad

“Yesterday I ordered Chicken Biryani from Mehfil and I received a deep fried Plastic cover(completely fried Plastic bag) in the Biryani, unfortunately it was in the bottom of pack, so I ate first half on top and then realised. @cfs_telangana this is in addition to yesterday complaint that there was a safety pin from same Manikonda Mehfil from other X user. #Hyderabad #mehfil #foodsafety” He said

The recent controversy centered around the Hyderabad-based popular restaurant chain over unhygienic conditions of cooking biryani and other food items is raising the eyebrows of its favourite customers.

On Saturday, June 29, a similar experience of receiving a safety pin in biryani ordered from the same Manikonda area branch was shared by a different customer.

Another customer had found bugs in a biryani ordered from Mehfil Kukatpally on June 23.

For the last few, the Food Safety Department has been conducting raids across restaurants and hypermarkets in Hyderabad due to increasing concerns over food safety and hygiene.

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