Platform ticket fare reduced at all stations of Sec’bad division of SCR

Hyderabad: The Platform ticket rates, which were temporarily increased as precautionary measure against Covid-19, have been revised downwards at all railway stations of Secunderabad Division of South Central Railway (SCR).

The issue of platform tickets, now, has been resumed at all stations of Secunderabad Division including small stations, which was stopped earliet. This decision has been taken in view of resumption of Unreserved Express trains over rail network.

The decreased platform ticket fares at all railway stations (both Non-Suburban and Suburban stations) of Secudnerabad Division will be Rs. 10 expect for Secunderabad & Hyderabad stations, where it will be Rs. 20.

The issue of Platform tickets will facilitate to the large extent, all the rail passengers, especially Senior citizens and divyangajan in smooth boarding and alighting the trains. The precautionary measures being taken on railways to tackle Corona Virus will be maintained as usual. Rail users are requested to co-operate in this endeavour and follow all the protocols laid down in containing Covid-19.