Police recovered money siphoned off from account 5 months ago

Hyderabad: The Cyberabad Cybercrime police has recovered a huge amount lost by a person during online gaming.

This was a unique case of its nature where the police have taken diligent action and after 5 months continuous efforts gave relief to the victim.

According to the details provided by Cyber Crime Police of Cyberabad, in July 2021 one Syed Asgar Ali lodged a complaint that his 8-year-old grandson was playing an online game. During the game suddenly Rs.11.50 lakhs were siphoned off from the account.

The victim had immediately lodged a complaint with Cyber Crime Police who swung into action and made a preliminary inquiry to find out that the amount from the victim’s account had been transferred to a gaming company in Singapore.

The Cyberabad Police spoke to the Company’s officials and after 5 months continuous efforts succeeded in getting the amount transferred back to the victim’s account.

The victim Syed Akbar Ali has expressed his deep gratitude to Cyberabad Police officials for their diligent and prompt action.