Power consumption in Hyderabad reaches new high

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: Power consumption in Hyderabad has surged to 79.48 million units, marking a significant increase in electricity usage within the state and surpassing the previous highest of 79.33 MU recorded on May 19 last year.

Officials from Southern Discom – TSSPDCL have reported that the daily energy consumption in Greater Hyderabad has increased by 22.7% this year, reaching an average of 70.96 million units (MU) per day, compared to last year’s average of 57.84 MU.

This rise in power consumption comes amidst a prolonged dry spell, leading to heightened demand for electricity across various sectors. The spike in power usage is attributed to the impact of summers, which have disrupted the normal power consumption pattern.

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As a response to this escalating demand for electricity, state power distribution companies (discoms) are ready to meet any demand and required additional distribution lines and transformers have been arranged.

Despite the challenges posed and the subsequent surge in power consumption, officials are working diligently to ensure uninterrupted power supply to all sectors.

Dicoms hold daily teleconferences with managers and engineers to monitor demand, supply, and staff attendance, and address supply interruptions.

To ensure an uninterrupted power supply, the call offices’ fuses were being strengthened by merging the wings of cable burn down and lines.

About 800 staff members were being kept available at all times in the 212 section-level fuse-off call offices within the Greater Hyderabad limits for power emergencies. Furthermore, all Discom department officials have been directed to be on duty for at least nine hours every day or until the completion of peak hours.

Higher officials have been instructed to visit residential colonies including slums at least once a week to ensure the staff were present in the field.

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