Preparations begin for Telangana Assembly polls

Hyderabad: Preparations have begun for the upcoming Assembly polls in Telangana with a comprehensive one-day training program conducted for the police officers on Wednesday.

The training was aimed to enhance their understanding of security modules critical for ensuring a smooth and secure electoral process.

Director General of Police Anjani Kumar revealed that nearly 700 police personnel had been reshuffled in accordance with the Election Commission’s directives.

He highlighted the establishment of approximately 80-85 check posts along the inter-state borders with Chattisgarh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Odisha. Integrated with closed-circuit TV cameras, these check points are poised to bolster security measures.

The DGP addressed the officers on various security-related aspects, ranging from vehicle checks for illegal transportation of cash or liquor to the management of polling stations on the election day. He emphasized the importance of maintaining good practices and transparency to ensure peaceful and fair elections.

Telangana’s Chief Electoral Officer Vikas Raj emphasised the dynamic nature of technology and the challenges it poses in the evolving landscape. He noted the extensive media coverage of election-related events and the difficulty in implementing corrective measures swiftly.

The training provided a crucial opportunity for the police officers to adapt to new strategies and techniques for maintaining security during elections.

West Bengal CEO Aariz Aftab offered a detailed presentation on preparatory work leading up to the elections. He discussed the categorisation of polling booths and vulnerability assessments, emphasising criticality assessments as well. His insights encompassed the entire spectrum of security arrangements from pre-polling to post-polling periods.

Tamil Nadu CEO Satyabrata Sahoo facilitated senior police officers in comprehending the requirements, induction, deployment, and de-induction of Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF). He delved into the deployment strategies of state police as well.

Sahoo conducted a session on maintaining law and order, focusing on pertinent issues related to the Model Code of Conduct (MCC) and expenditure monitoring. His session also encompassed innovative approaches for improvement in these areas.