Prior permission must for election meetings, rallies: Hyderabad DEO

Hyderabad: Hyderabad District Election Officer and GHMC Commissioner Ronald Rose said that prior permission should be taken for assembly meetings and rallies.

While chairing a meeting with representatives of political parties on Tuesday, October 31, Ronald Rose said, “political parties should not criticize the policies, programs, records and works of other parties.”

“As part of the campaign, all political parties should obtain prior permission through the Suvidha app and the local police should be informed about the place, time and other details of meetings, and rallies,” said Ronald.

No party symbol on voter slips

The DEO further instructed that there should not be any party symbol in the voter slip distributed by political leaders.

Additionally, permission was mandated for the use of loudspeakers and they should not be used from 10 pm to 6 am.

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“Representatives of political parties should not ask voters for votes based on caste, religion and community during the campaign. Speeches should not be made in a way that provokes caste, religion and language,” added the DEO.

Furthermore, Ronald Rose instructed that no campaign should be conducted in the place of prayer.

“Political party representatives should not provide freebies to voters within 100 meters of polling stations. No campaign should be conducted 48 hours before polling. Activists participating in the campaign must wear badges and identity cards. Liquor should not be distributed during elections,” instructed Ronald Rose.

Nominations will be received from November 3

Informing that the Returning Officers (RO) would issue notifications through Form 1 on November 3, Ronald Rose said the nominations would be received on all working days from November 3 to 10 between 11 am to 3 pm.

With the Election Commission of India (ECI) allowing online nominations, candidates can fill out the forms online and submit the hard copies to RO on the requested date.

The commissioner further said that awareness sessions on EVMs for party representatives will be organised in addition to setting up a help desk for the candidates at the RO’s office during the nomination filing.

Nominations will be accepted from November 3 to 10. They will be scrutinised on November 13 while they can be withdrawn before November 15.

At RO offices during Nomination filing

  • 360-degree cameras to be installed along with a videographer.
  • Section 144 is to be imposed within 100 meters of the RO Office.
  • Only three vehicles of candidates are permitted.
  • Only four persons along with the candidate allowed inside the RO office while filing the nomination.