Prophet row: Hyderabad org to hold ‘Million march’ on June 18

Hyderabad: The Tehreek Muslim Shaban has given a call to hold a ‘million march’ protest against blasphemous comments of Nupur Sharma against Prophet Mohammed on June 18. The call has been given by the organisation’s founder Mohd. Mushtaq Mallik.

Mallik, who is also the convenor for Telangana and Andhra Pradesh Joint Action Committee, said that it will be held on Saturday, June 18, at Dharna Chowk near Indira Park.

Mohd Mushtaq Malik announced that about 35 organizations have extended support to the ‘million march’ and that lakhs of people are expected to participate in the protest at Dharna Chowk on Saturday.

“I have assured the police that it will be a peaceful march. People are coming to protest against the derogatory and blasphemous comments of Nupur Sharma against Prophet Mohammed on a television channel. The BJP party instead of arresting Nupur Sharma provided her security,” Mushtaq Malik said.

Asked about whether they had applied for permission, Mushtaq Malik said they had “informed” the police about the march in advance and asked them to make necessary arrangements. “It is our fundamental right to protest, we are exercising it. Our record on various protests is very clean,” he said.

The Joint Action Committee had in the past organized ‘Million March’ against the CAA/NRC and lakhs of people had participated.

It is learnt a city based political party had also approached the police and informed that they are also intending to organize a protest march in the city against Nupur Sharma.

Meanwhile, the police officials got busy gathering all possible information about the Million March, the organizations extending support to the protest march so as to know the number of people expected to participate and other related security issues.