Protest held in Hyderabad against Israeli strikes in Rafah, Gaza

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: Locals came out to protest against Israel and in solidarity with Palestine, along with Disha Students’ Organization and Naujawan Bharat Sabha here on Sunday, June 3. The groups organised the protest at Sundarayya Park, Bagh Lingampally against the killings in Rafah. The protest was however met with resistance as the police claimed that it was held with no permission.

People including students and the youth from Hyderabad raised their voices to express their solidarity with the Palestinian people. The protesters held placards and banners in support of Palestine.

Speaking on behalf of Naujawan Bharat Sabha, Mahipal censured the latest Israeli attack on Rafah, which is supposed to be a safe zone declared by the United Nations in Gaza where hundreds of people were seeking refuge.

Israel bombed Rafah, killing 45 people on 26 May. Since October 7 last year, over 36,000 Palestinians have been killed, many of whom are children. About 82000 people have been injured, and over 10,000 are missing.

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Despite the outrage of millions across the world, and the calls for ceasefire, Israel continues its strikes in Palestine. In fact in Hyderabad itself drones are being manufactured by Adani in partnership with Elbit, which are supplied to Israel.

Since the attack on Rafah, many countries have also been compelled to condemn the incident. However, diplomatic ties and business deals continue to flourish between India and Israel. The organization on Sunday called people to come onto the streets to protest to put pressure on governments to cut all ties with Israel, and to stop supplying arms etc.

The protest however was met with resistance, as the park administration also called the police, which came and tried to stop the protest immediately, citing permission as an issue. The protestors walked to the entrance gate and resumed the protest there, and many people from the park also came with them, but police once again reportedly tried to stop them.

The protesters claimed that the police even dragged one of them into a police vehicle. “It is clear that there is no freedom of expression under Congress rule either, and indicates that while Modi, Adani-Ambani and the Sangh Parivar strongly support Israel, other capitalist parties are also ultimately siding with the Zionist state and refusing the recognise the democratic rights of our citizens as well,” they said in a press release.

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