Quran foundation’s initiative to help students get better education

Hyderabad: Quran Foundation has started an initiative to connect the students and youngsters to mosque by providing religious teachings to 500 students in 18 mosques of the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad.

Quran Foundation is providing this coaching service in areas like Jalpally, Shaheen nagar, Jahan numa, Hayatnagar, Jangampet, Shah Ali Banda and other localities.

Quran Foundation officials said that in a survey it was noted that the students are weak in English and Mathematics, so the initiative is being undertaken by the foundation to provide coaching to students on these two subjects along with the religious teachings.

This move to provide coaching in the Mosque is being appreciated in the community circles, the students of the slum areas and the students who cannot afford high tuition fee.

The foundation officials said that, its aim is not only the religious teachings but to also to make students aware of the modern teachings as well. The teachers are selected among the people who come to the mosque or the graduates who reside nearby so that they can responsibly teach the students and bring out the best and enhance new skills among students.