Raids at Lulu Hypermarket in Hyderabad, JNTU canteen; violations found

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Hyderabad: The task force of the Food Safety Department of Telangana raided the Lulu Hypermarket in Kukatpally, Hyderabad and JNTU canteen, on Wednesday, June 26 and found several violations during the inspection.

Violations at the Lulu Hypermarket, Kukatpally

Several violations were found in the raid at Lulu Hypermarket in Kukatpally Hyderabad. Infested items in the bakery unit and expired food articles were found and discarded.

The updated copy of the FSSAI licence for the Lulu Hypermarketโ€™s Hyderabad branch was also not displayed at the entrance premises. Further houseflies were reportedly hovering near the meat storage. โ€œA notice will be issued and further actions will be taken accordingly,โ€ the Telangana Food Safety Commissioner said on X.

JNTU, Hyderabad Canteen raided

Sri Sri caters at the JNTU Canteen was found in violation of hygiene standards during a raid by the food safety department at their campus in Hyderabad. Handlers were found without hedgers, aprons and gloves.

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Raids on dairy manufacturing units in Hyderabad; violations found

The semi-prepared food items and cut vegetables were left open without proper labelling and the kitchen premises were found to be in an unhygienic condition with food waste thrown directly on the floor.

The raid also revealed that the kitchen of the Hyderabad varsity also lacked insect-proof screens and the door was not fit for preventing the entry of pests. The outlet too had an improper FSSAI license. Medical fitness and pest control records were not made available.

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