Raids on hostels, PGs in Hyderabad continue; expired items, hygiene issues flagged

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Hyderabad: The Telangana Food Safety Department conducted unannounced inspections at several post-graduation accommodations and hostels in the Madhapur area on Tuesday, June 18.

At Sindhu Jaddu Women’s Hostel in Hyderabad, inspectors discovered expired chilli powder with a use-by date of March 2024. In addition, open dustbins without lids were found, posing a significant risk of contamination and attracting pests.

The inspection at Om Sri Sai Nandha Deluxe Men’s Hostel revealed alarming conditions. Workers were caught chewing gutka while handling food which was flagged as a serious violation of food safety norms. The use of synthetic colours was also detected. Inspectors found expired hing powder dated December 2023, along with rotten vegetables. The kitchen of the hostel in Hyderabad was deemed unhygienic, with the presence of cockroaches and rusted cooking equipment, including a dosa tawa. Moreover, a sample of soy sauce failed the spot test.

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Tanusri Grand Women’s Hostel in Hyderabad faced similar issues, with an unhygienic kitchen environment, cockroaches, and open dustbins without lids. The hostel’s dosa tawa was found rusted. Samples of tomato sauce and chilli sauce collected from the premises failed the spot test.

At Om Sri Sai Nanda Women’s Hostel, inspectors noted the presence of open dustbins without lids, which is a significant hygiene concern.

As the series of raids continued, the SR Ladies Hostel in Hyderabad was found to have an unhygienic work area and refrigerator. Inspectors also noted a rusted dosa tawa, a recurring issue in several inspected hostels.

Last week, after a series of raids on restaurants in Hyderabad, hostels and PGs (Paying Guest hostels) fell under the radar of the Telangana Food Safety Department, with raids first taking place in the Madhapur area on Sunday, June 16. Several violations over food safely were flagged.

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