Raids on restaurants expand to Secunderabad beyond Hyderabad

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Hyderabad: After conducting raids at restaurants in Hyderabad, the task force team of the Food Safety Department of Telangana began inspecting restaurants in the twin city of Secunderabad.

During the inspections at restaurants in Secunderabad, conducted on July 8, the team found many violations.

Inspections at Vivaha Bhojanambu and Grill 9

The inspections were conducted at Vivaha Bhojanambu and Grill 9, both located in Secunderabad. At Vivaha Bhojanambu, a few dustbins were not covered with lids, and water stagnation was observed in the drains inside the kitchen premises.

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Raids on restaurants expand to districts beyond Hyderabad

On the other hand, at Grill 9, the FSSAI license true copy was not displayed on the premises, and expired items such as potli masala, sauce, and garlic chili sauce were found. Additionally, rat feces and burrows were observed inside the storeroom, and the food articles stored in the refrigerator were not covered or labeled properly.

Raids at Restaurants in Hyderabad

Recently, the task force team conducted raids at various restaurants in Hyderabad and found many irregularities.

At some restaurants, the team found hygiene issues, while at others, the usage of expired products was noted.

Following the inspections, the National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI) has decided to give hygiene ratings to restaurants in Hyderabad. This initiative aims to increase the accountability of NRAI members.

It remains to be seen how these initiatives will improve hygiene standards in restaurants in the city.

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