Rainfall hits Telangana; more downpours expected today

Telangana experienced relief from summer-like temperatures on Sunday as the state saw scattered rainfall.

Adilabad and Nirmal witnessed rainfall yesterday, leading to a drop in temperatures in those districts.

More rainfall likely in Telangana today

Weather enthusiast T. Balaji, known for accurate predictions, forecasts scattered rainfall in some districts today.

While the rest of Telangana will remain dry, temperatures will be relatively lower.

Temperatures in the state are expected to rise again from February 16 and continue increasing thereafter.

Temperatures in Hyderabad

Hyderabad remained dry yesterday, despite other districts receiving rainfall. The city’s temperatures remained relatively lower, with most areas staying below 33 degrees Celsius, as per data by Telangana State Development Planning Society (TSDPS).

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Scattered rainfall likely amid summer-like temp in Telangana

However, some areas surpassed 34 degrees Celsius. The specific areas with temperatures exceeding 34 degrees Celsius were as follows:

Areas Maximum temperatures (in degrees celsius)
Charminar 34.6
Bandlaguda 35.1
Ameerpet 36.2
Nampally 34.7
Mondamarket 34.0
Khairatabad 35.1
Bahadurpura 34.1
Source: TSDPS

Despite the likelihood of rainfall in some Telangana districts today, Hyderabad is expected to remain dry.