Raja Singh likely to contest LS polls, but not from Hyderabad

Hyderabad: After successfully getting his suspension from the BJP party revoked and comfortably winning the Goshamahal constituency seat, controversial leader T Raja Singh is eyeing Lok Sabha seat. According to reports, the three-time BJP MLA is evincing his interest in contesting Lok Sabha elections.

The BJP leader, notorious for his ‘hate speeches’ with several cases registered against him, recently delivered a derogatory speeches in the Aurangabad Lok Sabha seat in Maharashtra, which is currently held by the AIMIM MP Syed Imtiyaz Jaleel.

Raja Singh, according to sources, conveyed his intention of contesting from Aurangabad to party brass recently. However, the party wants him to contest from Hyderabad Lok Sabha seat. Sources close to the MLA said that he is unwilling to contest from Hyderabad, fearing he might lose to the AIMIM candidate.

Raja Singh has recently been frequenting Maharashtra; Auranganbad, in particular. He addressed several meetings there and got closer to the local leaders.

Sources said that the BJP party has good winning scope in Aurangabad. In 2019 elections BJP-Shiv Sena candidate Chandrakanth Khaire lost the seat to Imtiyaz Jaleel by a narrow margin of 4,492 votes. Imtiyaz Jaleel received 3,89,042 votes while Chandrakanth got 3,84,550. Independent candidate Harshvardhan got 2,83,798 votes and Indian National Congress candidate got only 91,790 votes.

The other option Raja Singh put forth before the party is to field him from Chevella or Zaheerabad Lok Sabha seat, where he has considerable following.