Raja Singh warns Hyderabad police against ‘harassing’ party workers

Hyderabad: Goshamahal BJP MLA T Raja Singh warned the police against harassing his party workers on the pretext of maintenance of law and order in view of upcoming Assembly elections.

Raja Singh alleged the police are summoning his party workers, who are campaigning for him, to police stations and Task Force officers are threatening them.

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He said that the Task Force officers were also threatening the cadre over the phone. “If someone is involved in small quarrels in neighbourhoods, although the issue is sorted out, they are summoned to the police station. The police are intentionally harassing BJP workers to help the BRS party win,” he alleged.

Raja Singh said there are many rowdy sheeters involved in murder, attempt to murder, dacoity and robbery cases that are working with other political parties like Congress and BRS, but, they aren’t being summoned to the police station.

“If police want peaceful conduct of the elections they should not harass and torture my party workers. Because of their hard work, we reached this position. If police want disturbances during the elections then they can behave and act in a partisan manner,” said Raja Singh.

On Wednesday, October 26, Raja Singh alleged he was receiving death threats over the phone from unknown persons. He claimed the caller threatened to blow him up before the counting of the polls.

Raja Singh was provided with a Bullet Resistant Vehicle and Personal Security Officers equipped with pistols, carbine guns and MP4 advance guns around the clock.