Ram Gopal Verma takes a jibe at GHMC mayor over video with her dog

Hyderabad: Indian film director Ram Gopal Varma has recently satirically tweeted after watching a video clip of  Hyderabad mayor Gadwal Vijaylaxmi’s love for her dog.

The love of certain people towards dogs has often been in discussion. It includes Bollywood celebrities and other big personalities. The newly elected mayor of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation, Gadwal Vijaylaxmi, shared a video of her feeding her dog on social media.

In the video, she feeds the dog with her right hand and she eats with her left hand. RGV, who is known mostly for his controversies as he calls a spade a spade, noticed this.

Taking a jibe at this, Ram Gopal Varma plunged tongue in cheek humor at mayor tweeted in series citing her concern for the dog as an example of selfless love,  “Height of self-less LOVE is the HONOURABLE MAYOR feeding the DOG with RIGHT HAND and herself eating with LEFT HAND .. @GadwalvijayaTRS should be made the international MAYOR of DOGS.”

“After seeing this video of @GadwalvijayaTRS I am wondering if she was drunk with love on a dog or in love with a drunk dog but the question  is whether she loves the people as much as her dog. Honestly, I pray to be born as a dog in my next birth if the mayor can love me this much.”

“Going by the emotions in this video I doubt the Hyderabad Mayor @GadwalvijayaTRS loves her family, her party, @KTRTRS, #KCR, and even the people of Telangana 1% of how much she loves a dog ..Am sure they all are jealous of this DOG.”