Ramzan celebrations in Hyderabad: Top 4 expos you can’t miss!

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Ramzan is here and Hyderabad is buzzing with excitement as it prepares to host its annual Ramzan celebrations. This vibrant city is known for its lively atmosphere during this holy month, where the streets come alive with an array of festivities and culture. Among the much-anticipated events are the upcoming Ramzan expos. Like every year, 2024 too is gearing up for series so of expos that promise a delightful blend of shopping and culinary delights.

These expos have become a hallmark of the Ramzan season in Hyderabad, offering a unique and immersive shopping experience for locals and visitors alike. From traditional clothing and exquisite jewellery to captivating home decor, the stalls at these exhibitions showcase the rich cultural heritage of the city.

One cannot talk about Ramzan in Hyderabad without mentioning the gastronomic delights that steal the show. Expos turn into food paradises! The food stalls at these exhibitions offer a tantalizing array of lip-smacking delicacies.

Without further ado, let’s have a look at some of the most popular upcoming Ramzan expos that are poised to make this year’s festivities even more memorable.

Ramzan Exhibitions In Hyderabad

1. The Gulmohar Expo

Touted as one of Hyderabad’s oldest expos, the Gulmohar Expo is set to comeback with its new edition this Ramzan. Organized by the sister duo, Ayesha Baquer and Hajera Baquer, this expo, in its 25th season, provides a platform for women entrepreneurs to showcase their products and services. The first edition took place in 2014.

“More than 100 stalls are up for display, and this Ramadan will be the 25st season. It’s a 3-day exhibition. We do our best to provide an opportunity for them to show their business skills. A must-visit family expo where you can shop at affordable prices and enjoy lip-smacking food. You must visit once to experience,” said Ayesha in a chat with Siasat.com.

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  • Venue: Shimla Garden, Malakpet
  • Timings: 4pm to 3am
  • Dates: March 15, 16 and 17

2. Jashn-E-Bazaar

Hosted by popular food blogger Dr. Ahmed Ashfaq aka Dr. Foodie, Jashn-E-Bazaar is back for its third edition, spanning two days at King’s Classic Garden. With doubled food stalls – over 50 brands, and a diverse shopping section featuring entrepreneurs from Hyderabad and beyond, this expo is must-visit for shopoholics.

Dr. Foodie revealed exciting details about the upcoming event while speaking to us. He stated, “This year, in response to numerous requests from our followers, we have extended the duration to two days for the first time. Additionally, we have doubled the number of food stalls, with over 50 renowned food brands participating.”

He went on to elaborate, “Moreover, in the shopping section, we are proud to feature not only Hyderabad-based entrepreneurs but also women entrepreneurs hailing from other cities such as Jaipur, Chandigarh, and Delhi.”

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This diverse lineup is sure to deliver a vibrant experience for all attendees!

  • Venue: Kings Classic Garden, Karwan
  • Timings: 4pm to 12am
  • Dates: March 23 and March 24

3. Daawat-e-Ramzan

Entrepreneur Anam Mirza and her husband Asaduddin are coming back with the third edition of Daawat-e-Ramzan. Starting from March 27 and culminating on April 10 at Kings Palace in Gudimalkapur, this 15-day extravaganza offers a splendid array of designer wear, jewelry, home decor, footwear, and more. It’s a must-visit for those seeking a diverse shopping experience.

The official Instagram announcement read: “We’re all geared up for you HYDERABAD! Daawat E Ramzaan 3.0 is bigger, better and beautiful! You don’t want to miss it. Check out the amazing designer wear, jewellery, home decor, footwear, food and so much more. See you there!”

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  • Venue: Kings Palace, Gudimalkapur
  • Timings: 6.30pm to 4am
  • Dates: March 27 to April 10

4. Rainbow Shopping Festival

Now in its 18th edition, the Rainbow Shopping Festival at Minar Garden, Old City, has become a hallmark of Ramzan celebrations in Hyderabad. Operating daily from 2 pm until the early hours of Seher (4 am), this expo boasts a wide array of Numaish stalls, catering to all tastes – from clothing to jewelry. After Iftar, witness Minar Garden come alive with thousands of enthusiastic shoppers making it a vibrant hotspot.

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  • Venue: Minar Garden, Near Salar Jung Museum.
  • Timings: 2pm to 4am
  • Date: March 8 to April 10

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