Rare surgery performed during Covid on a cardiac patient at Care hospital

Hyderabad: It was revealed that a 40-year-old patient was suffering from a life-threatening infection in the stents in his heart .

This 40 year old  patient from Khammam  had undergone angioplasty and stenting 2 months back for a heart attack (acute myocardial infarction) post which the patient developed fever and shortness of breath, which worsened over the period of 2 months. The patient was shifted to Hyderabad  at Care Hospital Nampally .The patient was  tested for Covid but was found negative. However on further evaluation it was revealed that the patient was suffering from a life threatening infection in the stents.

Team of Doctors led by  Dr Raja Sekhara Rao, Chief Cardiothoracic & Heart Transplant surgeon, CARE Hospitals, and Dr. B.K.S. Sastry eminent Cardiologists assessed the patient. Dr. Sastry  considered the possibility of an infection in the stents and further investigations including a CT angiogram and MRI showed the clotting and infection of the stent. There was also formation of abscesses over the heart” with severe right and left heart dysfunction

Dr. Raja Sekhara Rao said that “Patients with an infection in the stents is very rare and this can be fatal for the patient.  During the operation ultrasound was used to locate the exact place of the stent and was removed safely using Beating Heart technique.. The pus around the heart was drained and a coronary bypass surgery using the internal mammary artery was done,” Dr Rajasekhararao added.

The Doctors performed the rare surgery successfully  and the patient has since recovered and discharged. The Doctors from the Hospital are in touch with the patient for further assistance through telemedicine. .

Mr.Syed Kamran Husain,  Hospital Chief Operating Officer of CARE Hospitals, Nampally said, “All the protocols under the Hospital’s Mission Suraksha initiative were followed to prevent any spread of infection. We at CARE Hospitals have a strong team of cardiac medical professionals who are the best in their fields of work. As a healthcare provider, we will continue to serve patients in need of the best in class medical facilities.”

The patient has recovered well and has been discharged 10 days post the operation. Doctors from the hospital are in touch with the patient for further assistance through telemedicine.

Rathna Chotrani