Respect public sentiments on Ganesh immersion: HC to Govt

Hyderabad: Telangana High Court on Wednesday directed the State Government should take all measures to see that the Ganesh festival is conducted following corona protocols by ensuring that idols are immersed locally and avoid mass gathering.

The High Court asked report from the government after taking steps for local immersion of the idols. The court also said that the officials take steps to avoid mass gatherings and follow corona norms.

The HC said that it will take a decision and issue orders on September 6 on getting a report from the government on steps being taken to prevent gatherings and for local immersion of the idols.

On a petition by an advocate who sought that idols immersion should be stopped in Hussain Sagar to avoid further pollution, the court made some interesting remarks. The court felt that the traditions be followed and public sentiments have to be respected.

TKhe idols should be immersed locally instead of carrying them long distance to Hussain Sagar or elsewhere.

This will avoid long queues and waiting by public along the roads for long time the court felt. Since the people used to gather for the festivities in the wake of dip in cases there is still fear among some sections.

The High Court stated that it is good to avoid mass gathering and pollution that may be caused by the Ganesh idols immersion. The festival can be conducted as per the people wishes and following corona protocols.