Revanth Reddy meets Siasat Editor, discusses Muslim declaration

Hyderabad: Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) President, Revanth Reddy, paid a visit to the residence of Zahid Ali Khan, Editor of Siasat Daily to discuss and compile suggestions for the Congress’s ‘Muslim Declaration’.

During the meeting, he engaged in extensive discussions with Zahid Ali Khan concerning various issues related to the Congress party and the welfare of Muslims. He sought the support and cooperation of the editor in preparing the Muslim declaration and assured him of its implementation.

The meeting between the State Congress President and the Siasat Editors has garnered significant attention in political circles, particularly among leaders and parties with vested interests.

Revanth Reddy used the occasion to criticize the trio BRS, AIMIM and the BJP, stating that all three parties share a common objective which is preventing the Congress from coming to power in the state.

Revanth Reddy highlighted that the people of Telangana are increasingly disillusioned with the false promises and misrule of Chief Minister KCR. He mentioned that the BJP, which had previously taken an aggressive stance against the KCR government, has now softened its position in anticipation of the Congress coming to power.

According to Revanth Reddy, the BRS, MIM, and BJP have formed a united front against the Congress, but the Congress is determined to confront these anti-people forces and secure victory with the support of the people.

Revanth Reddy assured Zahid Ali Khan that the Congress is firmly aligned with the welfare of Muslims and the upliftment of backward classes.

He acknowledged the need for valuable suggestions and inputs from Zahid Ali Khan, vowing to make every effort to implement these suggestions.

Revanth Reddy also acknowledged past shortcomings in the Congress party’s promotion of Muslim leadership but stressed that these issues will be rectified.

He criticized the Majlis and its leadership for failing to develop the Old City and questioned the lack of educational institutions, playgrounds, and schools in the area. He also noted the absence of a metro train facility in the Old City.

Revanth Reddy underscored that while the Old City’s fifty lakh Muslims cannot be represented in Parliament, those claiming to represent them have often prioritized their own interests over those of the community. He argued that the actions of these representatives have led to feelings of betrayal among Muslims.

In light of the upcoming elections, Revanth Reddy expressed confidence that Muslims in Telangana would follow the example set by Muslims in Karnataka and overcome vested interests and communal political parties.

He stressed that Muslims are aware of the secret alliance between the BRS, BJP, and AIMIM, driven by personal interests.

Revanth Reddy commended Siasat for its influential role in the community and recalled the newspaper’s groundbreaking social and economic survey of Muslims in the country.

He announced plans for a grand public meeting featuring more than fifty top Congress leaders, including Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, and Priyanka Gandhi.

These gathering aim to address the concerns of Muslims, BCs, and OCs, by specific declarations, while Revanth Reddy expressed hope that the Congress would come to power in Telangana and ensure justice for minorities in all aspects of life.

The meeting was attended by News Editor Amer Ali Khan, Maulana Syed Shah Afzal Biyabani (Khusro Pasha), Daya Sagar, Anil Kumar Yadav, and Faheem Ansari.